Friday, June 13, 2008

Q. Does food affect the skin?

A. Definitely!
Think about it-a few cups of hot coffee, can cause the heart to race, the skin to perspire and this flush also creates a skin flush.

The skin has a natural built-in thermometer and foods can warm or cool the skin and therefor the skin is greatly affected by what we eat.

If someone has roasacea, spicy foods, caffeine and alcohol will aggravate the already sensitive skin.
For this reason, in my spa, we have a resident nutritionist on call to meet with our clients who want to improve their skin from the inside out.

Additionally we conduct seminars to discuss what foods are good to eat for the season.

Check out our recipe's under education+ and write in your remarks.


  1. Interestingly enough, I think I am on the downside of proving this true - I have massive hives from what I eat (couple with stress). But I think this has inspired a blog entry of my own!

  2. Well, let's at least thank the skin for letting us know what the rest of our organs want to tell us! I have had many skin reactions that were related to food, or to products. With food, it's good to keep a diary so you can track what it may be-an herb (for me it's chamomile and garlic) or a type of food like dairy or grains. Then if you do have luck isolating the culprit, rotate it in to your diet a couple of times a week only. See if you have a sensitivity, which means the food can be tolerated in small quantities or a food allergy-not at all!