Friday, December 12, 2008

Why Organic Skin Care?

There are many people who buy into the belief that organic skin care is the best. I prefer the term holistic. To me holistic is taking the whole into consideration rather that simply parts of the whole. When I shop for food, I buy for the week and make sure I use the food so there is little or no waste. I make decisions to be conscious of the environment. So I bring my own bags, I don't buy plastic goods and I recycle. When I buy organic foods, I am assured of many things; that my foods do not contain growth hormones, and that the farmers follow rules and ethics dictated by USDA organic standards. Why do I bring this up when we are talking about skin care? First off, in reference to skin care organic is very gray term It is still to be defined and until then anyone can say what they want without too much scrutiny. Last point I wish to comment on is that there is much more to formulating a good and healthy skin care product than just to use organic indgredients.

There is a large push for "green chemistry" which addresses environmental concerns. The myth that synthetics are "bad" for the environment needs to be explored as often it is not the case. Rather I point out that science is a good thing. People with acne, rosacea, and sun damaged skin have benefited from scientifically engineered products. Preservatives that are added to a natural based formula will ensure that harmful bacterias, molds, microbes will not grow. To be able to mix together in a beaker the best of science and nature is a truly holistic formula.

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