Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Water Enough for Hydration?

I see it all the time. My clients come to the spa faithfully with their water bottle in hand. So why are so many of these same clients complaining that their skin is lacking hydration?

The way I see it is if water were enough to stay hydrated, you could simply drink it, spray it on and bathe in it.
But as you know just by feeling your skin after a bath or a spritz, it is not adding moisture. Water does not permeate the skin and for this reason, most hydrating sprays have the other "bells and whistles" which are water binding ingredients. I have added to ISS Saturation Mist Macadamia Glycerides, Aloe Vera Juice and Sodium Hyaluronate which add moisture to the skin as well as retain moisture in the skin.

This idea of retaining water in the skin is what is so important. If you drink your eight glasses and flush them too, you are not necessarily keeping the water in the cells. A medical doctor explained to me that cells which are not healthy will not retain the fluids. This makes sense when I hear about so many women in particular who run more to the bathroom then when they exercise!

It's important to understand that in order for the cells to be healthy they need all the nutrients provided by many sources. Oils that are beneficial to women 30 on up are evening primrose oil, borage oil, cod liver oil and coconut oil. These lubricate the organs, and the skin as the largest will look better too. Water that comes from fruits and vegetables is the best as you not only get the hydration but the antioxidant vitamins as well.

So my advice is eat your water, and leave the bottle behind!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update to "Eating My Way Skinny"

It's been two weeks since I have been "eating my way skinny" and although I don't have earth shattering results, I do have a weight loss of two and a half pounds. This is significant is because I have not dieted a day! As I said, I wouldn't count calories, fats or do anything more than be conscious of the foods I eat by balancing the plate with a little from each food group. So far it has worked.

I recieved great feedback. One women called me as she said she had so much to say that she couldn't use the blog format. Her comments were about exercise. She is a fan of running and has kept her weight down this way. For the most part she can eat what she wants but honestly, from what I heard, she eats pretty healthy. As a working mom, and over 40, she saw changes in her body (like cellulite). She started jogging and saw great results and now has buddied up with a friend. She actually has two treadmills in her home so she can do this buddy system well.

When I stopped jogging regularly I did put on weight. I love running as it is quick, efficient, and works well for me. But in the winter it's tough. The snow, the cold, the slush, need I say more? Also, I have so many friends with knee injuries from over doing the running. So I think it is still a good idea to mix exercise with healthy eating so you're not dependent on excercise alone. For now I am on an Elliptical Trainer and doing Pilate's. And on the nights where I have really slept well, I have ventured out for a run. When I exercise daily I really feel my best so even if it is 20 minutes I try to make it happen. If I have an hour even better.

I know that Valentines Day came and went, but why wait till next year. Here are my recipes and spa tips.
v-day recipes are here Enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Eating My Way Skinny!

For many months by my bedside sat four books all focused on health and well-being. Actually, my night table was overwhelmed with so many books, I finally had to read a few. The lack of time I had for reading was a part of the bigger problem, I had put on weight. No time to read, no time to exercise, not enough sleep and so on. I know enough to know this, if you don't sleep well, your cortisol levels rise, you crave carbohydrates, you gain weight. Not to mention waking up and drinking coffee to kick start the day. This interferes with Lecithin that helps to break down body fat. So it made sense to me, to at least read the books. By downsizing my night table I had high hopes it would trickle down to a "smaller" me.

While I have never been fanatical about being thin or having a flat stomach, I have always been health conscious. I know when I start having sugar cravings that my body is out of balance. And as a beauty consultant, I see first hand how poor digestion shows up on the skin. For me this was in the area of under-eye circles and over all puffiness. So after the New year, among my many other resolutions, I have now added, "Eating My Way Skinny"

I should really say, that first I have thought my way skinny. Each of the books I read below, have helped me to get into the mindset to think about food in a more positive way. I'm inspired now to do what I need to do, and after ten days I can report that I have dropped two of the twelve I set out to lose. My motivation is this simple,
1. To fit back into my favorite clothes. 2. to have more energy. 3. To reduce water retention.

While my goal is to downsize my waist, I have decided to do it by eating and gained some great advise from the books I read. I believe that balance is the key, so I took away from one book to eat more raw foods, from another to eat healthy fats, and interestingly enough, all four authors advocated eating breakfast.

My skinny on the books I read...
Eating for Beauty: The premise is that eating a raw food diet will enhance your health. I love the concept but it is not my calling. I am always cold and can't imaging not having my warm soup. But I have already added many of the delicious raw food recipes and try to eat raw foods throughout the day.
Eat Fat Lose Weight: There is a lot of good information in this book. Basically the book successfully challenges the low fat/high carb way of losing weight. Most of the fats she mentions as being "healthy fats' such as nuts, and avocados I have incorporated into my diet. But I have read controversial research about animal fats and still debating this. The advice is to eat about 30% of protein a day.
Anti-Aging Revolution: This book offers great facts about vitamins, has some decent recipes and would be good for someone to read who wants to become a vegetarian. It is written by a doctor who is steadfast in providing details to support his ideas. Although I have contemplated a vegan diet, I'm not there yet.
The Swiss Secret: I've read this book three times in hopes it becomes ingrained in my brain. This author (also a physician)takes a holistic approach to wellness and believes in the mind and body connection. Since not all of us can make it to his wellness clinic, he offers great recipes for cleansing the body especially if the liver is overtaxed. Not only is the book informative, it provides a balance diet by advocating that one eat from all the food groups.
  • I weigh in once a week at the same time. Since I retain fluids, the best time for me is late morning. (On this day, I prepare a fresh vegetable juice in the morning as my breakfast so my I know that it can't be the breakfast moving the scale.)
  • I don't count calories, fat or protein grams. If you just look at your plate you can divide it in three-one entire half is dedicated to vegetables and the second half in two equal portions; one for protein and one for grains. You'll get fats from fish, chicken and meat. Additionally I cook with olive oil, canola or avocado oil. I have added a tsp of butter to certain recipes.
  • I snack. It may be a small container of Greek yogurt or some nuts. Other days chopped carrots with hummus.
  • My sweet tooth is controlled by organic unsweetened hot chocolate with a tsp of agave or honey, or organic cottage cheese with cinnamon, or a baked apple drizzled with maple syrup.
  • I cleaned out my closet, got rid of what doesn't suit me any longer and went to Good Will and Dress for Success. I have a newly organized closet with a section of clothes that fit now and a section with all my great clothes that I can't wear yet. Everything is hung on my new "skinny hangers" ( I bought these great hangers at BBB-$25.00 for 50)
  • I give myself two off days where I can have a cocktail (or two-but really no more..) and maybe a desert. But even then, I balance what I eat. If breakfast was an egg and bagel, lunch is a big salad.

And the last tip, is I am not on a time table. This is the new me, with a new perspective about eating in a positive way. I am archiving my recipes, many can be found on my website