Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Is Water Enough for Hydration?

I see it all the time. My clients come to the spa faithfully with their water bottle in hand. So why are so many of these same clients complaining that their skin is lacking hydration?

The way I see it is if water were enough to stay hydrated, you could simply drink it, spray it on and bathe in it.
But as you know just by feeling your skin after a bath or a spritz, it is not adding moisture. Water does not permeate the skin and for this reason, most hydrating sprays have the other "bells and whistles" which are water binding ingredients. I have added to ISS Saturation Mist Macadamia Glycerides, Aloe Vera Juice and Sodium Hyaluronate which add moisture to the skin as well as retain moisture in the skin.

This idea of retaining water in the skin is what is so important. If you drink your eight glasses and flush them too, you are not necessarily keeping the water in the cells. A medical doctor explained to me that cells which are not healthy will not retain the fluids. This makes sense when I hear about so many women in particular who run more to the bathroom then when they exercise!

It's important to understand that in order for the cells to be healthy they need all the nutrients provided by many sources. Oils that are beneficial to women 30 on up are evening primrose oil, borage oil, cod liver oil and coconut oil. These lubricate the organs, and the skin as the largest will look better too. Water that comes from fruits and vegetables is the best as you not only get the hydration but the antioxidant vitamins as well.

So my advice is eat your water, and leave the bottle behind!


  1. Great information Marlene. So right! Hydration has more to do with a healthy cell membrane than the amount of liquid one guzzles in a sitting. For goodness sakes stop using plastic bottles since the BPA and Pthalates that leech from the plastic could be hurting your hydration more than helping it. Get a nice stainless steel container with no lining and enjoy, don't obsess about your water consumption. And do as Marlene says and eat your water!

  2. Jen you are the expert as I know you do your research. Do you have a steel container manufacturer you like best?