Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Update to "Eating My Way Skinny"

It's been two weeks since I have been "eating my way skinny" and although I don't have earth shattering results, I do have a weight loss of two and a half pounds. This is significant is because I have not dieted a day! As I said, I wouldn't count calories, fats or do anything more than be conscious of the foods I eat by balancing the plate with a little from each food group. So far it has worked.

I recieved great feedback. One women called me as she said she had so much to say that she couldn't use the blog format. Her comments were about exercise. She is a fan of running and has kept her weight down this way. For the most part she can eat what she wants but honestly, from what I heard, she eats pretty healthy. As a working mom, and over 40, she saw changes in her body (like cellulite). She started jogging and saw great results and now has buddied up with a friend. She actually has two treadmills in her home so she can do this buddy system well.

When I stopped jogging regularly I did put on weight. I love running as it is quick, efficient, and works well for me. But in the winter it's tough. The snow, the cold, the slush, need I say more? Also, I have so many friends with knee injuries from over doing the running. So I think it is still a good idea to mix exercise with healthy eating so you're not dependent on excercise alone. For now I am on an Elliptical Trainer and doing Pilate's. And on the nights where I have really slept well, I have ventured out for a run. When I exercise daily I really feel my best so even if it is 20 minutes I try to make it happen. If I have an hour even better.

I know that Valentines Day came and went, but why wait till next year. Here are my recipes and spa tips.
v-day recipes are here http://intelligentskinsense.com/recipes1.html Enjoy!

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