Monday, April 12, 2010

Leave the dimples on your cheeks and not behind!

Every spring I vow to lose the winter pounds and to tone up. So here I am again, this year early spring and a few pounds more than last! (It’s called “carry over”!) The good news is I know exactly how to do this. The bad news is I have a new issue which is cellulite.

For some reason, American doctors just refuse to acknowledge that there is such a thing called cellulite. Maybe because it is a French coined term. And maybe it is that we are just always a tad behind the Europeans with skin specific science. I will tell you that there is such a thing as cellulite and it is not simply fat.

Well now I am finally a canidate for the treatment that I have been doing at my spa for so many years. Funny thing is that this treatment started out in NYC after I met a great pioneer named Calliope. She learned an herbal body wrap from, who else, a french herbologist and began offering it to clients out of a yoga studio. I would have listened to anything Calliope said, she was Greek and had the strong sterio-typical body. So strong she rode around NYC on bike with swords on her back-yep, she was also a sword fighter. Well enough on Cal, but this opened a whole new world to me. I was like a sponge and so fascinated with how these herbs really worked that I became certified as an herbologist. Over the years I concocted a slew of herbal recipes and saw the benefits first hand . The herbs we used for the wrap were astringent and cooling and helped to jump start the circulation. And that was the key to how they worked. Many people who have a sluggish circulatory system are more prone to having cellulite.

Well long story short, we had clients from all walks of life, the working women, the new Mom’s and many celebrities (and royality I may add…) come in for this wrap. I remember saying that if we could iron out the skin after a body wrap we could really flatten the skins surface and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Little did I know that I was on to something that another now extraordinarily wealthy person invented called “Endermology”. (I also invented the flat iron in the late 70’s when I borrowed my Mom’s iron and literally ironed my hair flat. True story, but you know timing is everything and someone beat me to it.)But this concept of ironing out the cellulite came after I realized that cellulite is actually an accumulation of liquids that has not adequately been carried out of the body through the lymphatic system. This waste rests in between the fat pocket and connective tissue. And since women have so many more fat cells than men, they also have more cellulite. So my idea to heat the area with stimulating herbs and then flatten it with some kind of roller was more revolutionary than I realized.. We did this manually for years until the invention of Endermology which is really a sophisticated version of this. Thank goodness I ordered this large, costly and impressive piece of equipment because this spring, I am going to be my own best customer!

Marlene Katz is the founder (and Age Rebel) of Intelligent Skin Sense (ISS). ISS is a green spa and boutique which features the Intelligent Skin Sense products and signature spa services. Her lastest project is lifestyle book called “Age Rebel” which offers many spa and wellness tips and her healthy spa recipes.

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