Monday, June 28, 2010

ISS Pick: Cellaction Contour Gel

It’s summer and once again you wish you had some magic trick to get rid of unsightly dimples better known as cellulite. Well, you are not alone. Statistics say nine out of ten women have cellulite. Between the skin and muscle, fat is held together by collagen fibers. With age, gravity pulls down and creates a pressure that causes fibers to swell with fat and fluid. This action manifests as cellulite which affects mostly women.

Cellaction Contour Gel’s key ingredients blend invigorating botanicals to enhance circulation such as Guarana, Rosemary, and Butchers Broom Extract. Guarana, a small shrub in Brazil, slowly releases a form of caffeine that aids the body to produce its own heat to help metabolic function. A patented ingredient Pronalen™ Anticellulite HSC* complex of plant origin treats cellulite with iodinated plant glycoproteins. In a vivo ultrasound study participants using a cream containing Pronalen™ at 10%, showed reduction in appearance of cellulite in three weeks.

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