Monday, June 28, 2010

Some Enticing Spa Tips To Reduce Cellulite

It’s New's Year resolution time and once again you wish you had some magic trick to get rid of unsightly dimples better known as cellulite. Well, you are not alone. Statistics say nine out of ten women have cellulite. Between the skin and muscle, fat is held together by collagen fibers. With age, gravity pulls down and creates a pressure that causes fibers to swell with fat and fluid. This action manifests as cellulite which affects mostly women. Marlene Katz, the founder of Intelligent Skin Sense (“ISS”) has done extensive research on this and developed some great products to help reduce cellulite and easy homemade recipes & tips. Products include Diva Soak (SRP: $25), Micro-Manage Kit (SRP: $50), Cellaction Contour Gel (SRP $46), Cellaction Cleansing Tea (SRP: $13).

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