Monday, June 28, 2010

Wake up your senses with a sniff of Sassafras and an Amuse-Bouche

How often have you dreamt of a spa get away? Well that was my dream for awhile but with a business of my own, and family obligations it just wasn't happening. But I knew I was reaching the place of exhaustion when I couldn't create anything new or interesting. New as in a great recipe or an arts and crafts project with my daughter. I had reached a loll. So one day with out much thought, I just did it. Made a call to work that I would be a no-show for a few days. Checked in with my parents to see if they could watch my daughter. And off I went. Yes, a cringe of guilt crept up on me when I left my husband with the dogs (even though I made him home cooked meals for three days..). That guilt lasted all of five minutes when off to PA I drove. When my daughter was safe with her grandparents I headed to a wonderful lodge near the Pocono's. For two days I was in "Alone Heaven". I took an art class, a cooking class, hiked some and got a massage. This short trip rejuvenated me. On my hike I smelled natures best aromas, some sassafras and spearmint. I learned that dinner can begin with Amuse-Bouche-just the word itself is appealing-"entertainment for the mouth". So sometimes it is just a change of scenery that is needed to revive the senses. Now that I am back to cooking I will have lots of recipes to share. Tonight is Mexican cuisine with fresh veggie fajitas. And my Canopi (Spanish for the small tasting) will be gazpacho served in an espresso cup.

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