Monday, August 9, 2010

Sting Ray-Slimy or Silky?

One of my favorite animals is a Meerkat. Many years ago I saw a documentary about these little creatures and fell in love with them. They are so small that they naturally stay in groups as they understand the power in numbers. Like puppies, they love to play and are very affectionate with one another. I couldn't get over the way they groom each other so meticulously! And how they love to lay in the sun, lounge around and take turn baby sitting for the youngsters. There is one assigned watch dog who will stay on call to let the pack know of any inpending danger. And when danger comes their way, these little Meerkats will create their own army and take on other animals much bigger. Many times they are successful warding predators away. I was in Meerkat heaven when I heard they were exhibiting at the Maritime Aquarium. I told my daughter we would go and she wanted to bring a friend. So yesterday I went with the two eight year old girls to see my lovely Meerkats. Although I was anxious get to the exhibit, I had to excercise patience and follow the girls lead. First we stopped to pet Sting Rays. Believe me I would have skipped this in a heartbeat. Not only did we stop once, but three times. They could not get enough of a touch out of these slimy fish. I reluctantly put my hand in the water and touched the skin of the Sting Ray which was surprisingly silky. Then we looked at ALL the fish, ALL the coral reef, the Seals, the Penguins and finally the Meerkats. The girls named whcih of the animals they liked the most and why. They played with the fake sushi and fish platters, went on a play fishing boat and pulled me on the Happy Feet IMAX ride. What I realized after the events were over, was that had it been up to me I would have walked into the aquarium, made it the Meerkat exhibition and proably left soon after. But I had so much fun living through the eyes of my daughter and her friend, allowing me to see so much more, (feel more). It made me realize that adults probably walk through life missing so much of the magic and beauty in every day living. Oddly enough I got an email quote from a friend yesterday about our society stating that although we Live Longer we Live Less Fully. While it may be true, we do get reminders that life is so wonderful especially when we have the opportunity to watch how our children enjoy it! And the irony is that while we are teaching them they are really teaching us.
Marlene Katz is the founder of ISS, intelligent skin sense, a green boutique and spa in Fairfield CT. She is currently writing a lifestyle book called "Age Rebel" which features her beauty and wellness tips, inspirational anecdotes and spa cuisine recipes. Marlene can be reached at