Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low and Loose Ponytails make a come back.

I have long hair, a couple inches from the shoulders. When I have time to wash and blow dry my hair it looks great. But so often I run out the door and then my hair looks in need of a good short haircut.
" Let's face it, long hair is great when you are a teenager or have the time to style."

In my case neither applies. And I am not a fan of short hair as it lacks the versatility I like. So I have been experimenting. Over New Years I used a curing iron to make long loose waves. It was nice distraction from flat ironed hair (which I think looks awful on most people despite the trend). Even though the waves were fun it was time consuming. So this weekend after perusing the fashion magazines I stumbled upon an article in Allure which featured easy ponytail options. Yesterday was my ponytail debut! Got lots of compliments and it just may be my signature everyday DO!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why I don't promote Facial Masks

I've been known to say I am not a fan of facial masks. It's not that I don't see their benefits, it's just I see more benefit in what one does daily with their skin rather than weekly. It's true when I say "it really matters what you put on your skin each day". Don't skimp on your cleanser as I can bet you it's not removed well enough which means some of it stays on your skin. So it best be good. A little tid bit, use a cotton pad dampened with water to remove your make-up and clean your skin. If the cotton is not pure white, then your skin is not cleansed yet.

But I can be reformed. The last two weeks have been stressful and I have made it a point to take a spa bath at home and put on a face mask. It does feel nice to have a mask on that smells great. As an esthetician I get it that after it dries it's over. But for that 10 minutes of tightening I feel revived. Aaahhh!

Home Recipe. Mix a tablespoon of plain yogurt, a 1/2 teaspoon of honey and add a squeeze of cucumber (you want the juice of the cucumber). This is nourishing and good for dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Everyday Cosmetic Tips

I'm an esthetician so naturally I want my skin to look good. But it's not always the case. Like most women juggling motherhood and a career I wake up tired sometimes, and my face shows it. Today was one of them. Last night my new Collie pup stayed up all night and so did I. I woke up puffy, the circles exaggerated under my eyes, and I felt sluggish all over. I practiced my home remedies this morning and they really work. I took a bath, exfoliated and applied a five minute masque, vigorously toweled dried and then dry brushed my body. This was followed by a stimulating contour gel application (have to plug mine as it does the trick-Cellaction Contour Gel) and made sure to include my tired feet. After getting dressed I was re-energized but my face was still tired looking. In addition to my normal moisturizing routine, I used a few tricks of the trade. You can easily do the same and believe me it works.
People will tell you that your skin looks great even when you know the truth underneath the carefully applied cosmetics.
Give these a go;

1) Use a loose mineral powder. Sprinkle a little powder (just enough to cover the center of your palm) and add to it a spritz of water (even better use your toner) and a tiny dollop of your moisturizer. Mix with your finger and apply evenly to your face. You can use a sponge to smooth it but I prefer my fingertips.

2) Apply a pink soft blush to the apple of your cheeks. It brightens your face just like when your were young!

3) Take a white eye pencil. Use it on the inner bottom lid. This opens up your eyes.

4) Use a violet/blue pencil on the inner and outer corners of your eye right at lash line. The bluer tones brighten the eyes and make the white of your eyes appear brighter.

5) Use navy mascara. I love navy mascara when I am tired It works to make your eyes sparkle. Concentrate on outer lashes so your lashes look fuller.

6) Stain your lips with a reddish lip stain and cover with a clear gloss.

That's it. No need for more. This daytime make-up is natural and designed to enhance your complexion. Our secret weapon for those challenging mornings.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 Tips to Jump Start Annual Wellness/Beauty Plan

It's this easy to get in Wellness/Beauty Shape

1. Clean skin only at night. Use cotton to clean your skin as you will know when your skin is clean-no fooling white cotton pads. Why only at night? Because your skin collected debris from the days activities and outside elemental pollutants. If you wear make-up, it's got to come off. When you wake up all you have is protective oils on your skin. If you want less, swipe skin with an herbal toner.

2. Splash your face each morning with cold water. I didn't originate this concept, nor did Ernest Laslow, but he certaintly launched the idea. It makes sense, the cold water helps reduce puffiness, adds color to the skin and helps the skin circulate and glow. And if your tired, you wake up quicker.

3. Slather on the moisturizer and eye cream before turning on your hair dryer. Seems logical but most people don't realize how damaging that dryer heat is to your skin.

4. Brush your skin as often as you brush your hair. That's right, your skin needs a brushing too. Same reason as your brush your hair, to make it glow. Dry brushing your skin will remove dead skin cells, improve upon overall circulation and help your skin look younger. Start at the base of your foot and brush upwards (always towards the east area). Three brush strokes per body part does the trick.

5. Oil your skin and hair. Wherever you don't wear clothes, add oil. Water and oil don't mix and that's good. Your skin is made up of oil which evaporates quickly. Most moisturizers are water base and protect your skin for only a few hours. Seal the moisture in with a light skin friendly oil like jojoba or wheat germ oil. I use ISS-Bare-It Oil for my face body and hair.

6. Towel Dry before exercise. Warm up with a good towel dry massage. Shower and use your towel to dry off your skin, exfoliate your skin and massage your skin. Grab the towel ends with each hand and vigorously massage your skin from head to toe. It's a great warm up to exercise.

7. Manage your hand care-whatever you use on your face, lays on your fingertips so work the extra product into your hands. Putting on hair glaze? Don't wipe the excess on a towel, put it on your hands too. Your hands need more protection than the rest of your body due to constant use ands washing. Having a special hand cream is nice but more important is to remember to treat your hands as special as your skin and hair and those products work well too.