Wednesday, January 4, 2012

7 Tips to Jump Start Annual Wellness/Beauty Plan

It's this easy to get in Wellness/Beauty Shape

1. Clean skin only at night. Use cotton to clean your skin as you will know when your skin is clean-no fooling white cotton pads. Why only at night? Because your skin collected debris from the days activities and outside elemental pollutants. If you wear make-up, it's got to come off. When you wake up all you have is protective oils on your skin. If you want less, swipe skin with an herbal toner.

2. Splash your face each morning with cold water. I didn't originate this concept, nor did Ernest Laslow, but he certaintly launched the idea. It makes sense, the cold water helps reduce puffiness, adds color to the skin and helps the skin circulate and glow. And if your tired, you wake up quicker.

3. Slather on the moisturizer and eye cream before turning on your hair dryer. Seems logical but most people don't realize how damaging that dryer heat is to your skin.

4. Brush your skin as often as you brush your hair. That's right, your skin needs a brushing too. Same reason as your brush your hair, to make it glow. Dry brushing your skin will remove dead skin cells, improve upon overall circulation and help your skin look younger. Start at the base of your foot and brush upwards (always towards the east area). Three brush strokes per body part does the trick.

5. Oil your skin and hair. Wherever you don't wear clothes, add oil. Water and oil don't mix and that's good. Your skin is made up of oil which evaporates quickly. Most moisturizers are water base and protect your skin for only a few hours. Seal the moisture in with a light skin friendly oil like jojoba or wheat germ oil. I use ISS-Bare-It Oil for my face body and hair.

6. Towel Dry before exercise. Warm up with a good towel dry massage. Shower and use your towel to dry off your skin, exfoliate your skin and massage your skin. Grab the towel ends with each hand and vigorously massage your skin from head to toe. It's a great warm up to exercise.

7. Manage your hand care-whatever you use on your face, lays on your fingertips so work the extra product into your hands. Putting on hair glaze? Don't wipe the excess on a towel, put it on your hands too. Your hands need more protection than the rest of your body due to constant use ands washing. Having a special hand cream is nice but more important is to remember to treat your hands as special as your skin and hair and those products work well too.

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