Thursday, January 26, 2012

Low and Loose Ponytails make a come back.

I have long hair, a couple inches from the shoulders. When I have time to wash and blow dry my hair it looks great. But so often I run out the door and then my hair looks in need of a good short haircut.
" Let's face it, long hair is great when you are a teenager or have the time to style."

In my case neither applies. And I am not a fan of short hair as it lacks the versatility I like. So I have been experimenting. Over New Years I used a curing iron to make long loose waves. It was nice distraction from flat ironed hair (which I think looks awful on most people despite the trend). Even though the waves were fun it was time consuming. So this weekend after perusing the fashion magazines I stumbled upon an article in Allure which featured easy ponytail options. Yesterday was my ponytail debut! Got lots of compliments and it just may be my signature everyday DO!

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