Saturday, February 25, 2012

Women-Pay attention to the Rights you Earned....

I read this article which came at a time where I was thinking how important it is to pay attention to what politicians are dictating to our country about women's issues-in particular contraceptive, abortion and the likes. I have an opinion that is strong-I adopted my daughter and it wasn't easy. I had the means and the will and had a successful adoption but know wonderful people and families have not been so fortunate in the adoption process. I was single at the time when I pursued this but, as fate would have it, I met my further husband before I brought my daughter home. However, I saw so many children that were not lucky, they didn't get adopted, they live in orphanages in conditions that are not good. Most were born to under privileged women. Now there is nonsense talk amongst Republican's about taking away contraception and instituting abstinence. It's unrealistic to think that all these children that would be born if contraceptive were not available to teens, or poverty stricken women would have homes, to the contrary they would more likely wind up in an orphanage, or in foster homes. Many children that are put in foster care live in horrendous conditions, many children are sexually abused and exploited, and it's a large issue that gets pushed under the carpet but one that can not be ignored. Women already fought for their rights, to start taking a step backwards is ignorant. As it turned out I adopted my daughter from another country than the US for reasons that it was far too difficult and expensive. So in short, what do these Republican politicians propose to do with children who are homeless, or unwanted? And all this talk about the right to life when the same men vote for the death penalty is such an oxymoron. The paragraph below is taken from an article I read. It is worth reading.

Integral Life Art Gallery: Iconographies of Dharma | The Daily Evolver: Contraception and Politics #integral

This week's Daily Evolver looks at the recent election year ruckus concerning the Obama administration's attempt to get religious-affiliated hospitals and university health centers to pay for contraception. Although the question of whether women should have access to contraception was settled long ago and supported by the majority of women in the United States (including Catholics), the media war continues as both sides seek to define the issue of contraception as an advantage for them in an election year. The question remains whether Republican men are out of touch with the female electorate concerning this issue, and how that might affect Republican chances to unseat President Obama in the general election. What does this conflict have to say about our ongoing cultural evolution?

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