Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Reduce Cellulite at home with Water Therapy and Heat

I have been thinking about how great it would be to be able to give yourself spa treamtments at home.
My motto is what you do everyday is what matters most. So while spa treamtments are wonderful, they don't do as much for wellness as your daily routines.
I have the advantage of knowing what can be done at home and just recently started packaging home spa treatments. The first of this was ElectroLast which mimics the microcurrent facials performed at spas. Now I am working on a cellulite massaging device to mimic the endermology toning treatments for cellulite. There is much that can be done without purchasing much of anything. Taking a bath each day is an under-used and under-valued water therapy that is great for overall wellness. In the colder months I indulge in a bath and put a half cup of Epsom Salts and a few drops of my favorite aromatherapy oil. Soaking for ten minutes or more gets the circulation going. Now I am working on the body wrap method that can be done at home. I just purchased an EverLast warm-up suit made to be used in saunas. Since I don't have a sauna, I am going to prepare the herbs I use for body wraps at the spa, soak 6 ace bandages for 10 minutes in the herbal solution, wrap my legs, buttocks and abdomen and enter into this loose fitted warm-up suit. I'll just lay down and meditate for a good 15 minutes and unwrap the bandages thereafter. Then I will slather on Cellaction Contour Gel and be on my way to a bathing suit ready body by February. (That's my goal in any case.) For you at home, try incorporating a warm bath at least once a week. Invest in a body brush and brush your skin from the ankles up towards the heart once a day. Massage a natural cellulite gel into your skin at night when the skin naturally heats up. And keep in touch with me, it will not be too long until I package an at home body wrap. As with any of my products, the first test is with me. Will keep you posted, pictures and all!

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