Monday, December 10, 2012

To Wax or Not to Wax?

Believe me when I tell you I have seen it all! I started waxing in my NYC spa in the early 1980's and had women, men, transgenders, you name it, all coming to remove hair that they didn't want. Whatever the reason may be to remove unwanted hair is not as important as whether or not there may be a better option. When it comes to waxing areas where the skin sits on a good strong bone, like the legs for instance, I am all for it. Since the skin is taught, there is not a lot of pulling on the skin and the results are usually great. For the more delicate areas, like the lip or the coochy, you have to more careful. The skin is looser in these areas and with frequent waxing can contribute to premature wrinkling. The skin around the upper lip is where most women will find their first lines.
Using hot wax, then taking a strip and pulling in the opposite direction of the hair growth is not ideal for keeping the skin toned.
The same applies for brazillian waxing. Hey, nature gave hair for a reason, it offers some protection. If you pull and pull on that oh so delicate skin, over time you will loose elasticity and wish you had your hair back! By it may be too late as when you wax often, the hair grows back finer. I have some suggestions that I think you find helpful. First off, if you have fine and light hair on your upper lip, consider trimming it. If your hair is dark, bleaching is a good option. For coarse hair, electrolysis and laser work well. Brazillian wax is great for special occasions and keep it to that. Go semi-hairless-ask for the landing strip-it leaves a small area of hair on the most delicate area of the bikini area. And if you must wax because you love the results, ask for hard wax. This type of wax is applied warm, then cools and is removed without using a strip cloth or any kind. It is easier on the skin, and causes less sensitivity.

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