Thursday, April 4, 2013

Is your make-up aging you?

I just read an interesting article about how make-up can either age your or make you look younger. Apparently as we age, the color of ones skin tones darkens, there is less glow to the skin and therefor much less contrast in ones overall hues. I guess I knew this but somehow hearing it this way made me think about how cosmetics can really enhance the coloration of the skin. I follow trends and enjoy trying out a new look from time to time. But at the same time I realize that some make-up techniques are not for me. For instance, the NO Make-Up Look. Honestly, it is like I am in a morgue! Everything blends together, my hair, my eyes, my skin, my lipstick, it is just awful. And I don't like it on some beauties either. I thought Halle Berry looked under the weather at the Academy Awards, her NO Lipstick shade just made her look dull. It works well when a person has natural coloration in their skin that contrasts with the rest of face, either the hair is black or the contrast of platinum, the skin is dark or very pale, the eyes are a deep brown or gold, or green or blue, hope you get my point here.
So realizing that ones color pallet gets more monochromatic as one ages, just made me evaluate how I wear make-up.
It makes sense to add a little red to the lips, and it doesn't have to be ruby red, it can be Bobbi Brown red, the red with brown added, a soft and more neutral red. Some of this is intuitive, I still provide make-up services from time to time and the colors I choose are ones that brings out the natural tones in my clients eyes, skin or hair. This is not a matchy-match look. A deep purple can really bring out the green in hazel eyes, a soft blue liner can make the whites of the eyes brighter, a bronze blush can soften a ruddy skin tone. This comes from learning about color but also just from experimenting with various shades. Quick advice, look before you leap. Try a new look at home, or go to a cosmetic counter and see what kind of a make-over they do. But don't leap to buy all the latest colors, see how they wear on you, and look at your skin to see if looks more youthful. The skin tells all. Then if your still not sure, take a photo of yourself. The photo never lies!

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