Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A guide for better application on everyday skin products.

Many times when a client tells me that they are not happy with their products, I wonder if it is how they use them? Just to be sure, it is not a mis-matched product for their skin, I would ask them to bring me in what they use and then we go over the instructions together. I wish I could do this with all my customers, but I have begun to sell online and have many new customers from distant areas that I am not able to reach. For this reason, I have put together a simple guide that encompasses the most widely used products…

This product is so often misused and also the one that most people skimp on. Why you may ask? Well, when I ask my customers this same question, they say that they don’t want to spend a lot on something that gets washed OFF the face. Oh how I wish that this were really true (the part that gets washed off the face…)! If in fact, people washed their face correctly I may agree that MAYBE you could skimp a bit, but more than not, the cleanser does remain on the skin, simply because the product is not used properly.
Here is how to best cleanse your skin.

  1.      Apply your cleanser ,whether it be oil, foaming or gel, with your fingertips and some water. Massage your face, neck, and around (not inside) the eyes. Rinse really well with warm water. (Really well is a good three full splashes)
  2.      Take a flat round wet cotton pad, and from the neck up, swipe the skin well. Most likely you will see dirt and debris on the pad. If so, use both sides of the pad, and one more for the eye area to remove all make-up.
  3.       Splash your face one more time with cool water and then pat dry with a towel.

If you cleansed well, guess what? You don’t need a toner. Toners were originally made to make the skin pH balanced. Old-fashioned cleansers (like a cold cream) left residue on the skin and offset the pH. Modern cleansers are already pH balanced at 5.5. If you insist on using a toner, or just like the way it feels, take a cotton ball and in circular motions, swipe the skin from neck to forehead. A good alternative to a toners are hydrating mists. They add nutrients to the skin after cleansing and are water based like toners. Avoid the eye area.

Serum: Serums should go on before the moisturizer or night cream. A good rule of thumb is that the lightest product goes on first. Most serums are gel based and are lighter than a cream or fluid moisturizer. 

  1. Apply serum after cleansing and toning. Apply a dime size dollop into the palm of your hand.
  2. Dip two fingers into the serum and distribute around your face and neck by lightly patting the product into the skin. Do this a few times until the dollop is gone. 
  3. Then take both hands and use two fingers from each hand and pat all areas of the face and neck to press the serum thoroughly into the skin.                                

Moisturizers: This is your chance to awaken your circulation, by giving your self a two-minute massage. Apply a few dots of the moisturizer at the base of your neck, to your chin, cheeks, and forehead. Now work it in the skin with a hand over hand massage beginning at the neck, to the chin, to the cheeks and up to the forehead. You will see the color return to your skin. Apply your eye cream next. * I recommend following the instructions for your eye products to the T by the manufacturer.

Make-Up Primer or Sealer: This is a fairly new product to the market place. It basically will seal in your moisturizer and leave an invisible barrier so that your moisture stays put all day and your make-up goes on smoothly. I love a primer and believe it is my secret to why my skin looks even-toned and smooth. If you have the extra minute to do this, I promise you it is worth it. Make up primers are usually oil based, but generally they are made from a very light oil that dries upon application. Since oil and water do not mix, it helps the water (moisture) from your moisturizer and serum penetrate and protect it from escaping the skin. 

  1. Spritz a tiny amount of primer-sealant to your palms, press palms together and place on your cheeks. 
  2. Then with your fingertips, move the primer around the face. That’s it! Wait two minutes. Now you can put on your make-up.
*A side note is that between applications of serum and moisturizer, you leave about a minute or two for the product to penetrate. 

Have a question or comment? Are there other products you are not sure how to use? Please write in and I will be happy to respond!