Friday, July 19, 2013

Age Rebel: Botox, The Aging Factor

Age Rebel: Botox, The Aging Factor

Botox, The Aging Factor

I am not averse to plastic surgery or medical spa treatments. It's just that I don't understand why women think that Botox makes them look younger?

My closest friends and family members are hooked and I don't get it. What I see is a very unnatural appearance, that quite frankly irks me. I have truley developed an aversion to the Botox look. Maybe it's my make-up training, I am so used to shaping peoples brows to compliment their eyes. Now I see these stiff brows, expressionless except for where they landed! It lifts the brows up, and the crazy thing is that it should make the eyes look younger but sometimes, it does the opposite, the eyes are either too open and often not symmetric (big issue) or, the upper lid shows even more crevices. Younger people have lots of wonderful expressions and when you lose this ability, it ages you. It's true, that Botox flattens facial lines, I get that. (But its like an antibiotic, you take it for one reason, and voila, get a new infection from the antibiotic.) Yes, with Botox the lines are diminished, but having this artificial brow and eyes that take on a shape of their own, is not always more attractive.

Like most women, I also am looking for ways to look younger. There are so many options available that may not offer the immediate gratification that people seem to get with Botox, but in my opinion, are more beneficial for anti-aging. Favorites of mine at the spas are microdermabrasion for how it takes away dull, dead skin and leaves the skin glowing, Ultra Sound for how it reduces inflammation and skin sensitivity, micro-current facials for how they lift the muscles beneath the skin and over time really improve the tone of the skin, and lymphatic facials for diminishing under-eye puffiness, restoring even skin color and over-all toning on face and neck. All of these also build up collagen production. And in the medic-spas, the injections that use hyaluronic acid are good for filling in the marionette lines around the mouth, and can be used in the brow furrows and even under the brow for an instant but natural eye lift.

There is so much you can do at home as well. An exfoliating brush helps to keep the skin glowing, at home micro-current facial devices 

are great for in-between spa treatments, a hydrating facial mask once a week is great for the skin coloration and texture. And what's good about these options, is they just allow you to look really good naturally! If you do opt for injections, take it easy and go slow. Natural and young people have tons of expression, their face moves, their eyes smile, and yes, they even have lovely wrinkles.