Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Sharing New Years Rituals

Resolve and Restore this New Year
Every week, prior to New Years, I make new resolutions, create a collage, buy a new daily planner, weigh in and set goals. This year is no different, as this is a ritual that I love to do. In PJ's I sit on a comfy chair, with my coffee or tea in hand, and start to reflect on the passing year. Did I get it right? What else could I have accomplished had I followed-through? And so on… Creating the collage is so rewarding. I collect magazines anyway, which started way back when I first got my license and my Mom would ask that I do the grocery shopping. I developed a negotiating strategy that worked like this, "Ok, I will grocery shop, if I can buy a magazine…". My Mom always agreed and in fact, I think this is what led to my career in beauty. I scoured the teen magazines, studied Cheryl Tiegs' appearance, Brooke Shields' brows, (my sister and childhood BFF both swear they have no brows because I plucked them naked) and would memorize all the new looks. Anyway, off track here… I have a swarm of magazines and what I do is turn the pages and whatever I see that makes me feel happy, is what my scissor snips. Important to note, is that there is no analyzing here, just random snips and cuts of things that are appealing. An image, a word, I just keep going until my brain says to stop. With the scraps of paper in front of me, I place them in no specific order, other than one that just comes natural to the process, and then paste them to a poster board.
Year after year these collages have directed me.
When living in Florida in the 1990's my collage had winter sweaters, change of season nature photos, and it was clear to me that it was time for a move, one that took me back Northeast. This years collage is saturated with smiles, blooming flowers, vibrant color. An obvious time for me to lighten and brighten my world! I am off to Staples for my new agenda book. On a good day, I will meditate, jot down whatever enlightening clarity pops in, and set the goals for the day. On an off day, I will remember that the agenda is upstairs, I am downstairs, and feeling somewhat apathetic, I will stay guilt-ridden as once again, I failed to practice my mediation. But isn't that life? Life is filled with polarities of our being, changing like the wind, one day sunny, another cloudy. I resolve to lighten up, to do my best, to be easy on myself and others. Another great celebration of life. Happy New Years Friends! Marlene