Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Liquidelicious! Re-think Juice Cleanses

I've always enjoyed making fresh juices, and lucky for me, my 15 year old Acme juicer is still running. Recently I started doing juice cleanses and found that when I tell friends about my wonderful experience, I see a scowl, a suprise or sometimes a criticism. It seems that there is a consensus that juicing is dangerous. While I have an opinion about this, I heard a radio host explain that long before there were supermarkets, say go back to the days of hunters and gatherers, families went without food for much longer periods, then just skipping a breakfast. In fact, this idea that we have to eat three solid meals is not what our bodies were used to prior to the convenience of easy access to food. While I am not an expert in nutrition, I do believe that juicing has many benefits. One, is simply giving your body a rest from animal proteins. Another is giving your mouth a rest from chewing. Liquids are easily digested. Over the past couple of months, I did a three day juice cleanse and another one day juice cleanse. I felt so good and energetic that I want to "liquify" one day a week. I prefer not call it a "detox" or a juice cleanse as I really enjoy a day off from solid foods. My Liquidelicious day would include vegetable soup that I puree so when I feel like something warm, it's available. Or for this matter, if I want a cold soup, I may make a cucumber and dill puree or a gazpacho. One cleanse recommened Almond Milk before bedtime. It really boils down to common sense, we know too much sugar is not healthy, and I would not consume all sugar juices. There are delicous vegetable juices, made with kale, celery, cucumber, spinach, fennel, and many other vegetables that are bountiful in antioxidants. To explore the many variations of fresh pressed juices, I recommend going to a reputable juice bar. Two of my favorites are Swami Juice, and Doc Bakers,